Determined, Outspoken, and Open-Minded.

That is exactly how you would describe Belinda Liana, who found her way into the stying world in a very unlikely way.

But it was not all smooth sailing for the young 20-year-old who has dealt with her own fair share of personal struggles.

“So, it all started when I did my first internship when I was 15 at Dolly Magazine, I was assisting on a shoot with the girl band Little Mix who are huge now *laughs* and that’s when I knew I wanted to be in this industry, I fell in love with it all. So, from there I continuously interned for various people/companies such as MBFWA and stylists Mitchell Steed and Style Me Romy.

After interning for 3 years I started to do my own freelance content creating via my Instagram for several brands and last year I landed an amazing role at Stylerunner. I’m the Content Creator and Social Media Coordinator. I also help with SR’s online magazine Triple White!

MODUS Liberty Belinda Liana


“The first thing I do when I wake up is check the Social Media Channels that I manage for about 15mins and then I would get ready and head to work. It takes me a whole lot longer than what it should to get to work because I’ve been too lazy to do my Learner’s hours (I’m so guilty). I will always have a coffee in the morning and I’m not a big breakfast eater. As soon as i get to the office i answer all emails and check stats. I’ll scan across the explore page on Instagram daily and see what’s happening online as well. Everyday I have different sets of tasks that range from Content Shoots, Influencer Outreach and assisting with various PR activities. Once the day is done at the office, I usually stay back for an hour to organise for tomorrow. I’ll usually head home and continue to work on my freelancing tasks or sometimes I would have an event or two during the work week! It’s busy but I love it so much and wouldn’t have it any other way!

MODUS Liberty Belinda Liana


I’m very pedantic about skincare! My fave skin care products are the Aesop Parsley Seed Facial Cleanser and Philosophy’s “Renewed Hope in a Jar” Moisturiser. I literally never go without a day without using both products!

When it comes to make-up I like to keep it simple – my go-to is BB cream, Chanel’s Dimensions De Chanel Mascara and for a bit of a pop I love Benefit’s Watt Up Soft Focus Highlighter! I don’t like putting a lot on my face!


Experimental minimalist *laughs* if that makes any sense. I’ll always stick with plain/block pieces, no prints ever but i love playing with block colours, monochrome tones, textures and silhouettes.

My must-have items are:

*a good everyday bag that you can take to work and if you were going out, my fave is my Alexander Wang Rocky!

* 3 Good pairs of sneakers that you can easily rotate, mine change all the time but i always 3 faves for like a month or so. Right now, it is my Nike VaporMax, Alexander McQueen Oversized Sneakers and Nike LD Zero.

* Good quality logo Tees: my fave tees right now are from Bape and Comme Des Garcons, I seriously wear it with everything! Underneath slip dresses, skirts, pants or with my oversized ones I wear it as a dress.

Modus Liberty Belinda Liana


I danced ballet for about 12 years. I quit when I was 17 which was 3 years ago. I seriously believe in a happy mind = a happy life. I went through a pretty heavy stage where i was extremely restricted with what I could eat and do because i had to meet the demands of ballet. That whole stage helped changed my approach to caring for my body and my mind!

So I’ve been pretty bad with my diet as of late (guilty again)! During the week, I’m not bad, I’ve been cutting back heaps on eating out as well to try and be more cleaner with my diet. I always try and bring things to make lunch at work every day, I’ve been good at this lately!!

My weakest is chips and I must say nuggets! I know it sounds like a 4-year-old taste palette but I love some freshly baked nuggets with sweet potato chips *laughs*! Everyone has their own cheat meal right.

MODUS Liberty Belinda Liana 2


I love al things dancing, studio, barre, yoga and pilates. Recently I have been really tied down with all my commitments (I know it’s still not an excuse *laughs*) so I try to squeeze in a nice long walk every now and then or I will do a quick 15min workout using the Nike training app. It sure is on my list this year to get back into a more consistent routine!!


My group of best friends and family help drive me to continually work harder and harder, but they also keep me extremely sane and grounded – I’m very grateful. My boyfriend also plays a big role in this, he is always so supportive and understanding! I have an amazing support circle of family and friends, a great network of people who constantly keep me inspired as well as a motivating and inspiring work place. I couldn’t have it any better!

Photography by Titus Pengelly