To say that being given access to different people’s homes is interesting would be an understatement. We truly never know what we are getting ourselves into, yet we still arrive with expectations (Instagram will do that for you). And walking into Alison Cotton’s home in Bondi was everything we thought it would be and more—the beautiful and bright space matched her label, First Base’s aesthetic to a T. Just like Alison’s home and First Base’s instagram, Alison had this easy, cool girl confidence that was positive and inspiring. When Titus (our photographer) met her for the photo shoot, she nailed it, she’s directed so many photo shoots for her label, it’s second nature. She knows what makes a good image, and a great interview. Alison recently opened their first flagship concept store in Bondi. The First Base Concept Store proudly stocks the latest 100% certified organic cotton, she hopes to make big positive changes to be an ethical and sustainable fashion brand. Read her story here.

How key has social media been in building your online business? 

At first extremely important as it was a great way to reach our crew, our people. Now with all the changes to the platforms and the visibility of your posts it’s not so easy, but we are fortunate to have a great foundation of loyal customers that really love what we do and what we stand for.

With so many great fitness online business on social, how does First Base Fit stand apart from the rest of the pack?

To be honest I don’t really pay attention to what other brands are doing, and that’s not because I think we know it all, but really I just don’t have time! Our voice on social media is very much me just talking – I like for it to feel like a conversation with our customers and followers rather than just us selling stuff.

What was your big break?

There’s no such thing! Just lots of small things adding up to something bigger.

Modus Liberty Alison Cotton

Can you tell us about a few career highs? 

Everyday just working with the most beautiful group of girls that really care about what we are doing and where we are going is such a humbling and wonderful thing. Makes coming to work so very easy!

What about lows? 

Oh there’s plenty of those but the wonderful thing is that when I am low, my team lifts me up so they don’t tend to last that long.

Were you active growing up?  

I was into every sport. Huge into surfing, martial arts and netball.

Can you tell us a bit about your current exercise routine? 

It varies but I have a few old injuries which tell me what I can and cant do! I practice yoga twice a week religiously which I mix up with a few barre classes and a HIIT session. In my ideal world Im training 5 – 6 times a week but because I work such long hours sometimes I’ll only get to 2 or 3.

Modus Liberty Alison Cotton

Modus Liberty Alison Cotton

What part of your body do you feel you have to pay particular attention to?

Always my back ( I broke it many years ago ) and my shoulder ( fun surf/yoga injury )

Do you listen to music when you train? 

If its HIIT then absolutely!

I always find that i need to work in a class situation to be motivated to work out, i love the community aspect of it which inspired me to create Modus Liberty. Do you prefer to exercise alone or do you prefer the buddy system? 

I like to do both – it really just depends how I’m feeling. Right now I’m doing a lot more group training because I’m fucking exhausted and so not motivated to push myself ! haha!

How do you stay motivated?

I don’t have much of a choice because when my exercise drops off then my injuries let me know that I need to get back to it.

Can you describe how you feel before, during, and after exercising? Do you dread it or look forward to it?

Its usually first thing in the morning so I’m half asleep so I’m not really feeling anything! Its always one of those things that you are very happy you did! I don’t ever dread exercise…

Modus Liberty Alison Cotton

What importance does diet play in your life? What do you eat and drink before working out? How about after? 

Diet is super important to me. I try to eat clean but I also like vodka. It’s a balancing act. Because I work out in the morning I never eat before I exercise. Afterwards Ill have a bunch of water and a protein drink.

In general, do you eat healthy? Unhealthy? In between? 

80% healthy, 20% vodka and cheese.

Do you and your husband cook at home?  

We cook a lot. He is such great person to cook for because he really can’t cook, so anything I make he thinks is amazing. I get an ego boost and he gets dinner – it’s a good trade off.

What is your relationship to smoking and drinking?

I don’t smoke and never have. Drinking and I have an ongoing love affair that is quite torrid at times but we always kiss and make up.

Do you ever have power bars and sports drinks?

Nah that’s not really my thing.

How much sleep do you get a night? 

Usually 8 hrs. Andrew is a yoga teacher so he is up at 5am every morning so I’m generally up at that time too so going to bed at 9pm is pretty much bliss for us!

Modus Liberty Alison Cotton

Photography by Titus Pengelly.