It was only a matter of time before some creative genius was brave enough to take a stand for all women and bring us an online site created for women to feel un-judged and to feel comfortable to explore their body and sensuality in a safe environment. Taking cyber space by storm, one erotic image at a time, Par Femme is probably the most fashionable sex shop that carries lustful lingerie, sex toys and articles that makes us feel empowered and to acknowledge that we are not alone.

About Par Femme
Par Femme,- French for “by woman” – is just that, created by women, for women. The online store has a range of labels that think just the same with their aim is to empower women to feel confident in their own skin and take control, by making a fun, beautiful, and accessible environment.

Par Femme hosts a range of intimate, lifestyle and fashion products along with content that allows women to explore, experience, and shop with openness. But it doesn’t stop there, with the site also publishing content designed to engage women and stir up debate.

They are all about embracing your femininity and exploring every pleasurable aspect of your body, because no one can love you more then yourself!

Who started it?
Par Femme was founded by Monica Nakata, a former publisher of Oyster magazine along with their former fashion editor and stylist, Ruby Heery. In other words, two people who have a natural skill for curation.

They founded the online boutique as they felt there needed to be a place that is about how we value ourselves and how they shape our approach everyday.

“It was important for us to communicate that there isn’t just one type of ‘sexy’. A set of plain cotton undergarments can be every bit as alluring as black lace. It’s really about whatever works for the individual and how they can feel the best in their own skin,” says Heery in Vogue.

Why is it Unique?
It’s very rare you find a store that represents distinct female viewpoints that reflect both individuality and the aesthetic like the brands Par Femme work with.

The store stocks a range of international and local lingerie, lounge wear and silk slips, jewellery, erotic fiction, candles and toys for the bedroom.

“We’re interested in brands that see the beauty in every woman’s body and brands that truly love women,” said Nakata when speaking to Broadsheet.

You’ll find a selection of Lonely, Aimee-Cherie Intimates, Holly Ryan’s Art Deco jewels, Double Disco double hoop earrings, and subtle and stylish violet-hued sex toys from Pearlesque. Nakata and Heery have also launched their own line of intimates and jewellery under the Par Femme name.

Why Is Par Femme Important?
It is very hard to find a store that is based on the foundations of loving yourself and being gentle and kind, so that you can love others to your fullest potential. That is why Par Femme is something we need to see more of. They encourage you to know your body, respect it, and listen enough to it to know what it needs and how it makes your mind feel.

They also work with a broad range of people, particularly with women, as women have a mutual understanding and ability to open up to each other. It also has a safe space where you can turn to (and is needed) for women to share their feelings, fears, and hopes without feeling any less valid.

Par Femme is so important right now, especially when society and social media makes tells you there is only one way to be “sexy.” Par Femme comes at the right time to let you know you are not alone, which can make the biggest difference in our day-to-day lives.

Par Femme, together with the creative minds behind exploring and embracing women’s femininity have come together to express the female gaze in an exhibition by artists Kitty Callaghan, Anouk Colantoni, Dina Broadhurst and many others. Together with The Fin Collection, Par Femme brings La Puissance, ‘The Power’, exploring the power & effect of the female gaze. La Puissance is open to the public from June 15 – 18 at Comber Street Studios, Paddington.

Images by Kava Berries.

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