With the winter season kicking in, and we start to turn into indoor activities, our skin needs changes and so should our regimen. The cold can mess with our skin in a bunch of different ways and with the lack of humidity in the air, comes dry flaky skin, redness and cracked lips. So while there’s little we can do to warm up our days, here are our top tips and best winter skin care remedies for your winter skin woes with a few day additions to your current routine.

1. La Roche Posay Thermal Water ($24) The value of a mist is in its ability to deliver a major dose of hydration and nourishment to your skin. Bonus points for the fact that you don’t even have to touch your face. Keeping a mist (or 10) handy in your bathroom is a good first step. She begins with thermal spring water to soften skin, then massages on cleansing milk using gentle, rapid circular motions.

2. Ella Bache Hydra Hyaluronic Serum ($90) It’s no secret that we should tweak our skin care routines, but there’s more science to it then just exchanging for a more emollient moisturiser. There’s ingredients like hyaluronic acid that can work wonders on your skin, as a renewal serum that can be applied beneath your moisturiser, it can calm and hydrate but stimulate new cells. This serum is on the pricey end of the spectrum, but when used under your daily moisturiser, dry skin issues are a thing of the past.

3. Sukin Energising Body Scrub ($15) The virtue of a good body scrub cannot be ignored. Smelling like a tropical holiday, the scrub is packed with coffee extracts, walnut and coconut shell, coconut and jojoba oil as well as rose hip oil. Coffee is long known as a popular ingredient that has been known to reduce the appearance of cellulite and improve circulation. Slather on in the shower and wash it off, feeling a million bucks.

4. Fresh Sugar Face Polish ($62) It’s an all in one exfoliator and mask. It’s an incredible product, and smells so good that you want to eat it. Made with brown sugar with largish granules, you apply it to moist skin, massage it in and let the ingredients work its magic. You leave it on like a mask, shave your legs or creep on Instagram and wash it off. Your skin is instantly fresher, with renewed skin. Real wild strawberries packed with vitamin C help brighten and soothe.

5. Indeed Laboratories Nanoblur ($30) Those pesky fine lines that come with age (and with life experience!) seem to get exacerbated during the winter — or perhaps the dry weather just makes you more aware of them. Either way, ’tis the season to treat yourself, so give Nanoblur a whirl. It smoothes your skin, in a matter of seconds reduces fine lines, uneven texture disappear. In a matt finish it also makes for a handy primer, your foundation stays on longer.

6. Bodha Modern Wellness Calm Ritual Incense Lavender ($28) and Reiko Kaneko Glazed Daisy Vase ($60) – A gorgeous addition to your daily ritual, it’s great before sleep or in your morning meditation. A great way to destress, add calm to your daily grind and hopefully turn your frown upside down! British born Reiko has a way with pushing the boundaries of fine bone china and doesn’t fail to impress with reactive glaze. Handmade Stoke On Trent, each unique piece is a treasure to add to your ritual pack.

Photography by Rose Pengelly.